About Us

Our Mission

Our core focus is removing the colossal headache associated with preparing and managing your data, streamlining it from beginning to end, to improve your workflow.

The huge gains made from the performance of deep learning algorithms are encouraging, however, state-of-the-art models are exceptionally data-hungry. They need large, labeled training datasets, which are both expensive and tedious to produce. Yet, large, labeled training data is required to optimize millions of parameters in deep network models. To overcome these available datasets from quickly becoming outdated in terms of size and density, CVEDIA aims to solve these issues by providing turnkey solutions that transform your raw images to training sets.

Our goal is to propel computer vision projects to the forefront of today’s society by providing a platform where our colleagues along with AI stakeholders can come together to collaborate on initiatives encompassing the creation of high quality training datasets to the development of high performing algorithms. Our motivation stems from the desire to accelerate the development and deployment of neural network models to not only solve today’s most pressing needs, but offer society an entirely new way to probe and interact with one another and our environment.

We intend to achieve this goal one dataset at a time.

Our Position in the AI Community

The scale of data that we are operating with is so huge that even the tiniest gains in efficiency can turn out enormous changes. That’s why CVEDIA is committed to bringing an entirely new level of optimization to our users.

Our productivity platform was designed to help individuals and organization whose aim is to bring about a technological renaissance in our relation to the world. Serving as the conduit between simple image data sources and the extraordinary applications derived from them, CVEDIA is the bridge between computer vision’s potential and its eventual likelihood to be one of the most important advancements in technology to affect mankind.